Behind the scenes of Husky TV

Washington High Television, also known as The Husky Network, is currently running two student-produced programs, WHTV News and WHTV Entertainment. Based in Fremont, CA, Washington High School Huskies are proud to produce television for their peers, teachers, family, and friends. All videos, images and sounds are produced for educational purposes only: neither WHTV nor its affiliates receive any monetary gains from the production of episodes. Contributions come from the community via fundraising and donations. Athena Karantzalis is the head of this class, overseeing students as they create a WHTV News segment and a WHS Entertainment segment every other week.. The whole class is split into two main groups that are further broken up into groups of two to five students that create the individual segments that are part of News or Entertainment. Group A and B alternate between producing segments for the episode.

Harneet Dhillon, aWHTV student, says, “For the video segments, we try to create a variety of segments – interviews, food tasting, visiting places around the city, etc. If there is a special event happening, at least one group will try to create a segment on it.” In addition to that, as for the locations where they film, sometimes it’s on campus and sometimes it’s off campus. She says that “it really just depends on what the segment is. For example, Huskies in the Halls are interviews with students on campus while Taste Buds is giving reviews about a restaurant.”

As for the length of the videos, some segments are longer than others. Typically it may take one to two days to write the script, anywhere between one to five to film, (depending on what the segment is), and one to two  days to edit. To stay organized and work more efficiently, the class is split into smaller groups, who take care of the editing part of the videos. Alongside this, they have three students each in both News and Entertainment that help edit to put all the segments together, work on the green screen, and write the credits.

This staff reporter graduated in 2020. Lakshmi Valaboju is a senior at Washington High School. She was born in New Jersey, and she moved a lot throughout her life. This is her first year working at the school’s paper. She likes covering technology or similar topics in the journalism field. She likes to watch tv, paint, and write.

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