Art helps all voices be heard

Photo provided by Jim Lo Scalzo via Shutterstock.

As the sun sets on the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, the face of Breonna Taylor is projected on the bronze figure to protest her unjust killing by the police. Those who walk by can see the clear contrast between a statue of a slave owner and the face of a woman who was killed due to hundreds of years of racism and police brutality in America. Art like this has been helping represent important movements for years. The importance of art is to help people see the world from a different point of view. Helping us deal with major issues and perceiving the world in general, art is incredible. Our society is made up of people trying to get their voices heard, and sometimes the best way is through art. It can help some people unleash their creativity, and it’s their way of showing themselves. Art can help exhibit one’s emotions whether it is anger, frustration, guilt, or fear. Artwork like murals, paintings, and more help our voices be heard and can have a huge impact on people.

For centuries people have used their creativity to make pieces of artwork that inspire. From Michelangelo to Pablo Picasso people have used art to change the world. Art makes the world a more colorful place. Some forms of art depict the cruel actions of society, and can also tell a story. For example, Frans Post and Albert Eckhout were Dutch painters who portrayed the struggle of African American slaves that worked in fields in the hot sun all day long. This painting helped a lot of people gain a new perspective on how unfair it was to treat African Americans as slaves. People realized the harsh truths of the world. People will continue to create masterpieces in the hopes that it will inspire and educate people

Prisha is in 10th grade and she grew up in Fremont, California. This is her first year at the paper and she is excited to write. She is interested in writing about global affairs, racism, and poverty. Prisha’s hobbies include reading novels, writing short stories, and drawing. In the future, Prisha is considering a career in business or global affairs where she can study current issues and talk about them and try to spread awareness.

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