Are we really safe in public as shootings increase?

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It’s simple for high school students to believe they are untouchable and that bad things won’t happen to them. Mass shootings are unfortunately becoming increasingly regular, therefore it’s crucial that we take precautions to safeguard both our peers and ourselves. Keeping an eye on your surroundings is one of the most crucial things you can do. It’s crucial to be aware of our surroundings while we’re in public settings, including any possible threats. It is crucial that we inform police enforcement or a trustworthy adult, such as a teacher or school counselor, if we witness someone acting suspiciously or threateningly. We can stop disasters from happening if we speak out in the beginning.

Having a strategy in place in case of an emergency is another crucial action we can take. Active shooter exercises are increasingly frequently held in schools to teach children what to do in the case of an attack. Even though it might be frightening to consider, having a strategy in place can improve our chances of remaining safe. Knowing where the exits are in a room or building is crucial, as is having a plan for what to do and where to flee if we hear gunfire or spot a gunman. Additionally, it’s critical to be proactive and take action to stop any hazards from getting worse. Promoting the mental health and wellbeing of our peers is one method to do this. If we observe someone who appears alone It’s crucial to reach out and provide help if someone is in need or struggling. We can lessen the possibility that someone would feel so alone and helpless that they resort to violence by fostering a culture of kindness and support within our school community. 

I interviewed the MVROP Law Enforcement teacher Lt. Sandoval about the gun violence and the recent school shootings. I asked him if gun violence is increasing. He responded with “guns have definitely been spread out way more now and a lot of people that should not have guns have them”. I also asked him if we are safe in public. He said that we can never be sure if someone is carrying a lethal; weapon such as a gun so we need to be on our radar. I also asked him if banning guns would solve the problem. He stated that banning guns will just make me more secretive to track and find by the police and it would be harder for the police to use the guns as evidence. I also did what we could to protect schools and be safer from school shootings. He stated that the best solution would be to train teachers to have guns in the classroom just in case of a school shooting. 

Finally, it’s critical to bear in mind that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to the safety of our schools and public areas. We have a duty to speak out and get assistance if we notice something that doesn’t seem right or if we have concerns for someone’s welfare. We can make our schools and communities safer for everyone if we cooperate and watch out for one another. It is obvious that shooting sprees pose a major risk to the public’s safety. We cannot afford to think that awful things won’t happen to us as high school students. We may all contribute by being vigilant, preparing for emergencies, fostering mental health and wellbeing, and speaking out if we notice something unusual.contributing to the safety of our public spaces like schools. Keep in mind that we are all accountable for ensuring each other’s safety, and that by banding together, we can change things.

Gurshaan Sekhon is a senior at Washington High. He was born in India but moved to the US in 2016. He has recently joined the paper. He is interested in many things, including football, cultural foods, and cultural events. He does football and wrestling. His future plans are to become a member of the Army Special Ops Night Stalkers. Some interesting facts about him are that he has played cricket nationals in India and he also has some experience in the Fremont police department.

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