Valentine's day confessions

Clock at 3 a.m. against backdrop of code.

From: One of your 16000 ;), grade 12

To: Advik Kunta, grade 12

Advik Kunta. I remember the first time I gazed at your legs, noting its elephant-like nature and how they beautifully compliment your personality. From the moment I slept on your face, with only a pillow separating us, I knew I would spend the rest of my life with you. Not a second goes by where I think about our 3am coding sessions, or the soft feeling of your hand caressing my own. I love you Advik Kunta, and there's only one thing to do. Will you go to prom with me UwU? - Love, one of your 16000 😉

Rating: 7/10

Some of these things should be kept private because they are too intimate. It seems like you are objectifying Advik because you are describing his legs with a lot of detail. But I liked that you described one of your most memorable moments with him. Remembering and sharing your best moments makes your crush know that their time was not wasted while hanging out with you because they know that they make you happy. Also it is a little too early for prom, maybe stick to a real promposal buddy to show your appreciation for Advik Kunta. Advik Kunta, you better watch yourself. I AM SERIOUSLY SCARED FOR YOUR SAFETY.

From: your girlfriend, grade 11

To: Chloe Dang, grade 12

I love you cutie -yours truly

Rating: 3/10

Have you told her that you love her in real life, or is this a secret confession and you hope to say “I love you” to her soon? If you are her girlfriend, I think you should have said something about the first thing you noticed about her, your favorite moment during your first date, or just a memorable moment you had with her because it may seem like you love her for no reason. But maybe she is perfect in every way and there is no way to describe your love for her.

From: Deez, grade 10

To: Christina, grade 10

She’s a really nice person, makes me feel so much better when I’m around her, wonder if she feels the same way I do. She just understands me better.
Rating: 9/10

This seems like a very sweet message. Understanding is absolutely the bedrock of a healthy relationship, so I think you have something there. You can wonder forever if she feels the same way, but honestly I would say go for it. There's not much to lose except your pride and your dignity!

The words 'Absolutely not' with a red X over them against a gray backdrop.

From: your ex husband <\3, grade 12

To: kkw, grade 12

Ever since i saw her in mr bowls class i new she must be mine. one day i said. and today today is that day. rose my dear i must tell you how i feel. My friends will ridicule me if you reject my love. I can show you the world (aladin). I can take you to Disneyland everyday of the week. All you have to do is confess your love for me. My heart beats only for you kkw. until then, your past lover, your ex hubby
Rating: 1/10

Wow, this seems like a lot. You absolutely can not just claim a person as your own.  People are, actually, not objects. You also cannot guilt trip someone into getting into a relationship. This is almost self-evident. This message gives me a horrible feeling, and I highly recommend the person this is addressed to should run. 

Grim face and thumbs up emoji (yellow) against orange backdrop.

From: Dominic, grade 12

To: Sierra Murtha, grade 12

Sierra Murtha you are an amazing girl and are one of a kind your the smartest most beautiful most amazing perfect one of a kind girl I know you have the most amazing personality and have the most contagious smile the moment you walked into my life you made it instantly better Sierra I love you
Rating: 5/10

You two are already dating, aren't you? So now you've decided to use the Hatchet to send messages to each other? We don't want to be subjected to this. I guess you could say this was a nice message, but very much not what we asked for. I hope everything goes well for you two. 

Animated figure with a bowl cut, trigonometry graph for differential equations, and an upside down Ganesha.

From: Your chubbly bubbly, grade 12

To: Mehul Nair, grade 12

I remember the first day I saw you, Mehul-poo. It was a sunny day out in Glenmoor elementary, when I gazed upon that luscious bowl cut hair waving in the wind. I fell in love IMMEDIATELY. You were dripping so hard, it was like seeing the Niagara falls. Your Ganesha necklace swung around your neck, as can be modeled by the differential equation d²θ/dt² = (-g/L)sinθ. It was entrancing, to say the least. Throughout the years, the drips have only gotten stronger, θ only larger, the bowl cut only bowl cuttier. And I wouldn’t want it any different, Mehul-poo. I wouldn’t want it any different.”

Rating: 6/10

This is very…interesting. It’s really the only way I can describe a letter expounding on the virtues of bowl cuts and drippy differential equations. Good to know that drip is a factor for love. You've clearly interacted for a long time, so if nothing else, you have a better chance than perhaps other people.

An image of Taylor swift with the text =???

From: Anonymous, grade 11

To: Anonymous, grade 11
Gorgeous-Taylor Swift:)💕
Rating: ???/10

There is literally no way for me to rate a three word love letter with zero context or apparent topicality to the subject at hand. If you were sending a secret message or whatnot, congrats. This normie has no clue what you're trying to say.

From: Anonymous, grade 12

To: Renee, grade 12
Before covid hit I’ve always wanted to hangout with you. I thought you were super cool and then the pandemic hit and I never really got to ask you out or anything. I remember the new animal crossing game had come out and when I got it I got a villager with your name. Just looking at it felt like the universe punching me in the gut. This is probably a pretty dumb story but I just wanted to say I like you.
Rating: 8/10

This is very cute and sad. I really love this confession. I feel bad that you always wanted to hang out with them, but you couldn’t because of Covid. You should talk to them, get to know them if you haven’t yet tried, and maybe even hang out with them. It'll be scary at first, but if they reject you, just be proud that you went for it! It’s very cute that you made an animal crossing about the person you like. I hope everything works out! 

From: Justin dy, grade 9

To: Mateo tinajero, grade 9
I justin Dy love Mateo with all my heart thank you for sticking by when I broke my right leg and had to go to the Philippines to mend it.
Rating: 8/10

I really like this because it’s a very sweet story which makes it a very cute confession. I also really like the story about Mateo sticking by your side. It's really cool of him because when someone sticks by your side, you feel comfort and love. Best of luck! Hopefully, you guys will be able to live side by side FOREVER. 

Cute animated cat with two pink hearts floating.

From: N.P., grade 12

To: Anonymous, grade 11

You’re cute lol
Rating: 4/10
I want to know more about your confession. For example, why do you think they're cute? Is it their personality or something else? Also, you should totally go talk to them, and get to know them if you don’t.
Animated fireworks

From: your ember ash, grade 10

To: 7+2, grade 11

We met in December. Spent days on thinking every thought of you, every sensible touch upon me felt as a firework in my heart. We gained so much knowledge upon each other. Laughed so much, I gained abs. Let’s say there was thousands of people were between me and you. I’d run through the crowds searching for you but I’d never find you. You’d change outfits and put on different faces. You were the same person who told me ”I’m never going to leave”&” I love you”... I’ll never forget the look in your watery red-stricken eyes as you broke my heart. meet me at our spot(1/27). You know the time.
Rating: 10/10

My heart melted while reading this. I'm really sorry that it ended this way. I feel so bad for both of you. It's very sweet that you still care about them. I hope they still feel the same way that you do. I also know that feeling where you keep trying to be with someone, but something keeps getting in your way; I know it’s hard, but you got this. I wish you luck on your journey. 🙂


From: m.g., grade 12

To: c.b., grade 12

i love your eyes they are so soft and kind the way they light up every minute making my life so much better, the way u validate my feelings and make sure im doing ok. thank you for being there for me although we are the perfect example of right person wrong time soulmates who cant be together
Rating: 7/10

This letter is very precious, sweet, and heart-felt. You got straight to the point and stated how they make you feel and what your favorite feature is. But, did you touch your crush’s eyeballs or do you mean that you like the color of their eyes? I think you could have described this feature with better wording. Also, come on, you could have capitalized the “I”’s, used punctuation marks, added periods, spelled out words instead of using abbreviations, and proofread the letter before you sent it. You have to impress them with your amazing English skills because with all those mistakes, it seems like you put in minimal effort and submitted it at the very last minute.

An envelope sealed with a heart. Addressed: To My Homie

From: Julian Miranda, grade 9

To: Anonymous, grade 9

Happy Valentines day homie
Rating: 4/10

It’s nice to feel loved even by your friends or family, not just a significant other, and receive a platonic Valentine’s message. But there is a lack of punctuation, such as giving “Valentines” an apostrophe ”s”, no period, and the “d” in “day” is not capitalized. Your friend probably won’t like this letter because you just wrote something generic that any other person can write and give to their crush or homie, and there really is no special meaning behind your letter. 

Dear O.J.X. Mou (grade 9),

Your smile is like the radiant sun. / Your eyes are the gateway to Nirvana. / Your laugh is like a gentle breeze in the summer night. / Your style is like a rainbow after a rainy day. / Your beauty is like a 24 carat diamond. / Your hair is like the finest of silks. / Your kindness to me is my motivation to life. / Your bold behavior makes my day as bright as the stars in the night sky. / You in my life would have everything else seem nonexistent. / You're not like the other girls I've talked to, for you are so much more. / Upon hearing your name, I feel the burning desire in my heart. / And my question for you is, / Would you be mine my love?
-Your close friend <3 (grade 9)

Rating: 9/10

This is an elegant and beautiful poem. You described your crush’s physical and personal qualities that appeal the most to you with what they reminded you of. I’m glad you didn’t write a basic poem starting with “roses are red, violets are blue,” and instead came up with something original. However, you used the wrong carrot spelling. It’s “karat,” not “carat.” Also, why did you call them “my love.” They aren’t even your girlfriend yet. 

Animated cornbread on a platter with orange hearts, the word 'UwU', all against an orange backdrop.

From: Gordd

To: Mateo Tinajero

ily baby please keep supporting me outside the ring I love you my little corn bread UWU.
Rating: 2/10

Please do not refer to anyone as a "little cornbread." This is immediately off-putting to an almost indescribable level. The "UWU" at the end is just purely horrifying. Please leave this person alone, and never speak these words out loud. 

Two animated gems and the word 'fine' against a teal backdrop.

From: The girl from fourth period, grade 10

To: G.R., grade 9

Dude I’m so sorry to say this but I think ur fine asf and honestly would rly like to go out with you and I know it’s not gonna happen but ur hella nice and honestly I miss talking to you..have a nice life
Rating: 8/10

Another wholesome one! I think you have nothing to apologize for and honestly you should ask this person out. You may doubt yourself, but there is something so sweet about this message, that I get the sense your relationship can be just as sweet. 


From: Aleesha’s lover, grade 10

To: Aleesha S, grade 10

Aleesha makes me feel so good, he always pushes me to do my best, pushes me to be the best person I can be. Aleesha and I are like the best duo, only if he felt that way...
Rating: 7/10

Less confession than "list of why I like this person." Apart from that, it's obvious you have feelings for him and wish that he would reciprocate. Nicely done!  This is a letter that expresses your feelings well. Good luck! I hope that he changes his mind. I wish you well.


From: Justina, grade 10

To: Anonymous, grade 10

Hey boo, thank you for paying for my stuff and I really appreciate u and whatchu do for me and the ppgs and that all of this wouldn’t happen without u knowing someone dreamt of u in white toes. Ur such a material gorl, Anonymousbooty
Rating: 4/10

This letter reads less like a love confession than a text message of "thanks for the favor." I also have no clue what ppgs is, and Google is less than helpful. Lastly, white toes? I would personally find it terrifying if someone dreamt of me with that  description.

Two animated flowers and an opened heart shaped box of chocolates.

From: anonymous, grade 9

To: Anonymous, grade 9

Roses are red, violets are blue. I love chocolate, and so do you. Never feel bad about what other people think of you because that’s just a reflection of themselves. Always stay kind to yourself because you matter. God bless your heart 💗
Rating: 8/10

This is the only letter I've seen that took the subject seriously. Clap. Clap. Clap. Congratulations! I honestly hope you two can get together. If that happens because of us, good job Hatchet.

McDonald's logo and a rat with a McDonald's worker hat next to it.

From: Shaunak's admirer, grade 11

To: Shaunak Roy, grade 12

On the streets of Bangalore. That is when I first saw you, Shaunny-bear. You were dancing like a donkey, your curly hair spilling over your head, but I noticed no flaw with you. Absolute perfection. I followed you day and night, gazing from afar--but alas! You were moving to America! I worked at McDonalds 2 shifts a day, saving up for a ticket until I could follow you to the great ol' US of A. I bribed the immigration office with laddoos, arriving just in time. And there you were once again, my love, my Shaunny-bear. I can't wait to meet you.
Rating: 3/10

This confession makes you seem like a stalker but in a hilarious way, especially when you talk about how you followed Shaunak all the way to the U.S. You seem like a funny, chill person. I hope things work out with Shaunny-Bear, but STOP being a stalker! 


From: Genaro tinajero, grade 9

To: Julian miranda, grade 9

I loved you sinced kindergarden
Rating: 6/10

This is cute! The fact that you loved this person since kindergarten means you must be loyal to them. I wonder what made you not tell them. Were you scared of rejection? Honestly, if you were, just know that it’ll be okay. No matter what happens, keep your head up high! You got this. Keep fighting to win their heart. 


Vanessa Shimizu is a senior at Washington High School. She was born and raised in Fremont, California. This is her first year with the Hatchet. In her articles for the paper, she is most excited to improve her own writing and discuss current global issues. In her free time she loves to eat, sleep, do any arts and crafts, play Genshin Impact, and listen to Kpop and lo-fi. Her future plans include getting a dog, getting into one of the UC’s, and pursuing a major in the STEM field.

Conley Shen is 15 years old, and a junior at Washington High School. He was born and raised in Fremont, where he has lived all his life. This is his first year being a part of the school newspaper, and has interest in covering a variety of subjects. He is a current member of the Washington debate club, and some of his hobbies include looking for, and finding new novel series to enjoy. After high school, he hopes to enter college before graduating and entering the workforce.

Doris Gonzalez is in twelve grade. She grew up in Niles, Fremont. She has been writing tiny animal books that have information about them since she was six years old. She started to write a book about a show that she wants to make in 2019, and she just finished the introduction of the book this year. She’s really interested in topics like climate change, endangered animals, and what’s going on with the LGBTQ+ community and the Black Lives Matter movement. Her hobbies are drawing, painting, writing, playing video games, and collecting stuff like anime figures, monster high dolls, shopkins, manga, and Disney movies. Her future plans are writing a book and starting a tv show (but not directing it, because she’s really bad at directing others). She also wants to work at an animal rehabilitation center, make YouTube videos, and go to UC Davis.

Olga Vysotsky is a senior at Washington High School. This is her first year at the paper. She was born and raised in Fremont, California. As a journalist, she is interested in covering politics, world affairs, technology, and particularly how they intersect. She is the treasurer of WHS Robotics Club, where she often teaches coding. Outside of tech, she loves to paint, collect coins, and sometimes dabble in calligraphy. Her future plans are to study aerospace engineering at university.

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