Hatchet Staff 2019-2020

Jayanth Naga Sai Pasupulati is a senior and one of the Editors-In-Chief for the Hatchet. Jay is a first-generation immigrant who lived in Hyderabad, India and came to the United States at the age of 14. Before he was the Editor-In-Chief, he worked as a staff reporter. He is interested in covering critical stories that affect our society and encapsulate what it is like to be a human. Jay also likes to watch movies and to jog at Lake Elizabeth. In the future, he is unsure what what he wants to do, but he aspires to be a friendly leader.

Faiz Khan 

Faiz Khan is currently a senior. He is co-Editor-in-Chief, sports editor, and previously served as a staff reporter for the newspaper. He is interested in local sports events, sports medicine, and player safety. Outside the newsroom, Faiz is a student athlete and a volunteer manager at Washington Hospital Healthcare Center. His hobbies include hitting the park with friends, controlling the sticks on NBA 2K, and constantly being disappointed by the 49ers. After high school, Faiz plans to major in biology at a UC and pursue a specialty in ophthalmology.

Abhay Naik

Abhay Naik

Website Developer. No Bio Available. 

Bhavya Dhulipalla

Senior Bhavya Dhulipalla is the Opinions editor at Washington and has worked for the Hatchet for two years. She grew up in Fremont her whole life and enjoys hearing about other’s opinions. In her free time, Dhulipalla likes to sleep. In the future, she wishes to own a small yellow house in the countryside and own a corgi named Butterscotch, nicknamed Butt.

Sonali Whittle

Sonali Whittle

Gabriela Calvillo


Da’Shae Hall 


Senior Nikita Prasad, opinions columnist for the Hatchet, is in her first year of journalism. She grew up in Fremont and is very passionate about her opinions. In her free time, Prasad enjoys cooking and baking. She plans to pursue culinary arts in the future by opening a bakery in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Neha Banga is a senior at Washington High school who grew up in Fremont, California. This is Banga’s first year at the Hatchet. She enjoys writing on the features page and the opinions section. She is a martial artist who has been training for 11 years. She plans to open a martial arts school as a head instructor.

Cassandra De Guzman is a senior at Washington High School. She was born in the Philippines, but moved to Fremont when she was five. This is De Guzman’s first year writing for The Hatchet, and she is interested in writing about her opinions and covering news. She enjoys reading and writing poetry during her free time. She hopes to major in English Literature and become a teacher who owns a bookstore one day.

Irfan Khasru is a senior at Washington High School. Born and raised in Fremont, this is his first year writing as a reporter for the Hatchet. He is particularly interested on writing about the entertainment industry and the local food scene. You will usually find him online playing video games, at home trying to sneak a nap in, or expertly crafting smoothies at Jamba Juice.

Michael Paine is a senior. Born in San Francisco, California, he was raised in Fremont. This is his first year as a staff reporter for the Hatchet. Michael has covered subjects such as local sports, conservationism, and nonprofit projects. Michael is also an Eagle Scout, a varsity athlete, a DECA Officer, and a host of the top-rated podcast Success HS, with a global listener base. His hobbies include juggling and relaxing at home with his labrador retriever, and he is an avid car enthusiast. In the future, Michael plans to study economics or business and study abroad.


Anshi Vora is a senior at Washington High School. She grew up in Fremont, California. This is her first year working for the Hatchet. Anshi enjoys writing for a variety of articles in different subjects. In her free time, Anshi likes reading and watching TV. She hopes to major in computer science in college.

Lakshmi Valaboju is a senior at Washington High School. She was born in New Jersey, and she moved a lot throughout her life. This is her first year working at the school’s paper. She likes covering technology or similar topics in the journalism field. She likes to watch tv, paint, and write.


Amal Afsal is a sophomore and grew up in Fremont, California. This is his first year at the WHS Hatchet. He is interested in discussing the problems he sees in his life (and ranting about them). He likes to play computer games and badminton. He would like to go to college and get a job that allows him to support himself and his future hobbies.

A native of Fremont, Emma Warren is a junior at Washington High School. Emma loves working on the Hatchet because it serves as a creative outlet. In their free time, they enjoy writing fiction and indulging in the simplicity of life by watching The Office. A musical theater enthusiast, Emma has memorized probably everything on Broadway (but will always hate the musical Cats).


Lavanya Jain is a senior at Washington High School. She grew up in Fremont, CA for most of her life after moving from Delhi, India. As a first year in the WHS Hatchet, she has written multiple articles for opinions, health, and news. In her free time, she loves to paint, workout, and spend time with her family. After high school, she will be majoring in both business and bioengineering as part of the Management Entrepreneurship Technology (MET) program at UC Berkeley.

Brooke Matré is a senior. She grew up in Newark, California and later moved to Fremont. This is her first year writing for the Hatchet. Brooke is also co-editor in chief of the Washington High School yearbook. She has a huge passion for journalism, as she spends her free time writing. When she’s not writing, she’s probably hanging out with family or friends, listening to music, or working at her job at the movie theater. She hopes to pursue a Journalism degree at Northern Arizona University.

Rio Collett is a sophomore at Washington High School. He has lived in Fremont his entire life. This is Rio’s first year at the paper and he is excited to continue next year. Rio loves exploring conspiracy theories as well as letting people know what’s going on around them. Rio loves to game on his pc and plans to go to college and get a job that pays well.

Abigail Law is a senior at Washington High. She was born in Hayward but spent most of her life in Fremont. As a first-year reporter for The Hatchet, she tends to address serious topics in her articles, but she’ll write about anything and everything. She enjoys swing dancing and everything high/dark fantasy. In the future, she hopes to study geriatric psychiatry and neurocognitive disorders.

Cindy Wang

Cindy Wang


Kasidee is a junior. She’s super passionate about her friends and family, and usually writes about the unjust things she see around town and around the world. Unlike like her friend Da’shae, Kasidee is definitely a cat person and tries to adopt every stray cat she sees.

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