What are the students of WHS thankful for this season?

Two years ago, we were all thankful to find an aisle full of toilet paper and Clorox. Not being able to see our close friends and teachers in person showed us how much we took for granted. Now as we approach the new year, 2023, with life slowly transitioning back into what we used to know, what we are thankful for has drastically changed. Whether you are thankful for good health or good grades, carrying a sense of appreciation for the minute things in life is something we have all learned these past few years. With Thanksgiving break right around the corner, now is the perfect time to reflect on what you may be thankful for.

Living in a place like the Bay Area, we have much to be thankful for. Beyond materialistic things, each of us has close friends and family whom we show gratitude for. Anyone that has made a difference in your life deserves a thank you.

Kaylah Valencia

Kaylah Valencia is a freshman at Washington High School and actively participates in school activities. Kaylah is a participant in multiple clubs such as Women’s Empowerment Plus and the Filipino Student Union, which are both clubs that help students become more empowered in life. Kaylah is thankful for the friends that she has joined these clubs with. She is very involved in school activities such as producing spirit week and the skits during homecoming. Kaylah also designed the first class of 2026 t-shirt. Kaylah’s friends are also involved in ASB activities. She is thankful for her friends because they are always there for her. Kaylah says, “My friends make me happy and I love hanging out with them. They are always there for me when everyone else is not.” Kaylah and her friends like to explore new places and adventure in the outdoors.

Asees Aulakh

Asees Aulakh shares her gratitude for her friends and family. Her two favorite companions, her sister figure Sahej Sandhu, and her dog, have been with her for her entire life. But when asked, she doesn't believe the length of these relationships is what she is grateful for. Through further questioning, she reveals that her gratefulness for these individuals is rooted in their unwavering presence and support. She responded with this insight: “I am grateful for my family because they’re real. Friends come and go, but people like my cousin Sahej are there for me no matter what.” The unconditional love of family ties is something Asees believes is worthy of her gratitude. At the conclusion of her interview, Asees added how grateful she is for her parent’s migration to the United States. She expands by acclaiming all of her success and achievement to her parents who worked to earn her opportunity. 

Anna Davis

 Junior Anna Davis is appreciative of having a group of friends who stand by her and support her in solving her problems. She is also appreciative of her family's support and the fact that she has a roof over her head. She will always treasure the memories of watching Charlie Brown specials with her family and is looking forward to seeing her cousin this Thanksgiving. 

Zoe Campagna

Zoe Campagna, a current senior and active member of the varsity cheerleading team also reiterates her thankfulness this season. Campagna is excited for the fall season and the cold autumn weather, and she mentions that this season she is grateful for her family, especially the newest member of her family, her niece. “This season I am thankful for my family. There is nothing but love 24/7 in my house with my newborn niece. Everyone’s lives have changed completely in the best way possible,” Zoe says. Similar to Bella, Zoe believes she can develop a more thankful attitude towards the things we may not notice are a privilege to have, such as education. “I can be thankful for having easy access to education. It’s a privilege to have access to a good education. I’m grateful for the teachers’ that have a loving passion for teaching and continue to help students grow everyday,” she says. Easy, accessible education is something that blows past the shoulders of many students when it is a grand benefit that not all kids have. This season before Thanksgiving break, tell your educators, mentors, or anyone that has made an impact in your education how grateful you are of them!

Michael Peng

Michael Peng is a freshman at Washington High School and the class of 2026 President. Michael has an interesting opinion on what the point of asking this question really is.  Peng says, “In school, we were always taught that we always have something to be thankful for, whether that be our family and friends, to the sports that we play. To be thankful for something, we need to recognize what we are thankful for, acknowledge what that thing is, and appreciate it.” He continues: “As humans, we don't always take the time to appreciate what we have. When it comes to the question ‘What are you thankful for?’ Many people just stay quiet. They think for a minute and then come up with some generic response like ‘Family’ or ‘Friends’, even though they have much more to be thankful for. So with that being said, I am thankful for everything I have. Now, this sounds like a typical answer but I truly am. However, I am most thankful for my volleyball coach because he pushes me to do what I love.” Michael loves playing volleyball because he enjoys working with his team to feel the accomplishment of beating another team. Volleyball gives him a goal to meet to rise to the top, even if his goals are unrealistic.

Saadhana Rajesh

Saadhanna Rajesh, just starting her high school career, says she is thankful for her older sister who guides her through the academic world. Facing the pressures of being a student in the competitive environment of Silicon Valley, she appreciates the wisdom her sister offers. This appreciation for people working in her best interest extends to her family and friends who support her. She’s grateful to her parents for making the generational sacrifice of immigrating to the United States in hopes of a better life. Saadhana also expresses her endless gratitude to her friends who support her emotionally, make her laugh, and spend quality time with her. 

Adriana S. Rangel-Stancill

Junior Adriana S. Rangel-Stancill is appreciative of her life and the chance to pursue her passions for cheerleading and music. Her acceptance into the team was her proudest and most memorable cheerleading moment. She is very grateful for her family and enjoys taking road trips with them, especially with her father because she appreciates hearing the outrageous memories from his youth, a lesson about history, or a lecture about life. She has managed to maintain her cool thanks to the strong link that she has with her family; otherwise, she would have lost her cool a very long ago. The company of good friends and family is an honor and blessing to have. Having a day where we can thank them for all the obstacles they have helped us with and all the happy memories we have created with each other is a great way to give back.

Bella Tran

A few of our Washington students have expressed their gratitude for a variety of things. One of these is Bella Tran, this year's Vietnamese Student Association President and a member of leadership where she serves in the rallies department. Bella says that this year she is thankful for her friends and family and how supportive they are and have been of her. She also added that she can begin being more appreciative for the safe community she resides in. “I am thankful for my friends and family, and the unconditional love and support I receive from them. They’ve done a lot for me and I appreciate all of it, but I can start being thankful for going to school in a nice neighborhood. I know that many children attend school in dangerous areas, but I don’t have to worry about that. I’m grateful to be able to feel safe on my route home everyday,” she explained. 






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Born and raised in the Bay, Rachelle Lee is a first year writer for the Hatchet! Rachelle will cover topics regarding sports, campus life, and other issues that are occurring around not only campus, but the world! Rachelle is a senior at Washington High school and has been attending Washington all 4 years. She is an active member of the WHS Cheerleading Team and is also the Co-President of her club, Future of Our Generation! Rachelle is a proud owner of a mom car and a Dachshund. Undecided on her major, Rachelle hopes to attend a 4-year university after graduating.

Rylee Milnes is a freshman at Washington High School. She grew up in Fremont, California and this is her first year at the Hatchet. Rylee is very social and likes to interview people. Rylee's hobbies include, skating, surfing, snowboarding and any other outdoor activity. Rylee is the head captain of Washington’s JV cheerleading team, while healing from knee surgery. This recovery prevents her from playing sports that she enjoys such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, and softball, but is determined to get back at it. Rylee plans on getting a degree in kinesiology to become a physical therapist.

Sanam is a senior at Washington High School. She was born and raised in Fremont, California and this is her first year at The Hatchet. Some topics she is interested in writing about are history, food and culture, and politics. In her free time, she likes to read mostly about psychology, history, and mystery. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family. She plans to study abroad for college and find a major that she is passionate about.

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