Student Elections 2024

ASB President Candidates

Nina Rock

I've been in leadership all 3 years of high school. I've actually been wanting to be ASB president since freshman year, I really just want to be able to make school fun for people. For a really long time I hated coming to school so I really want to make school more enjoyable even if it's just small things. I am fit for this role because of my experience, I was class VP freshman and sophomore year and ASB treasurer last year. A fun fact about me is that I fly planes, Im in an air force program which is one of the reasons I want to be ASB president because the program teaches a lot about leadership. I also bake (_ninabakes on ig). I was actually Hannah at our homecoming game, so I would be Hannah if I had to choose between the mascots. Theres so much that I love about being a Husky! I love the supportive environment on campus. Our community is very friendly and supportive, and we have a lot of cool teachers and we offer so many events and opportunities to meet people.


Winnie Bui

I’m running for this position because I’ve done leadership before and I find it really fun to be a part of a big community and be able to help with the behind-the-scenes of a lot of school events. I think an important aspect of being a leader is to make sure everyone feels welcome. Something I noticed in Spirit Week is that every year, it gets less spirited and I want to help improve that by implementing new, fun assemblies and games. I’ve done leadership for 2 years. Right now, I’m the class president, and my freshman year, I was the class vice president. I like to play guitar, and I also like to play soccer. I have a dog, Latte, and he’s my favorite thing in the world. If I could be Hank or Hannah, I would be Hannah because I love her bow and she’s a girlboss. I think something that’s special about Washington is that I don’t find myself feeling excluded and I feel very welcome.

ASB VP Candidates

Nia Kuchekar

I’ve been in leadership for two years and wanted to take this big leap in my high school career to make a difference at this school. A change that I would like to make as ASB VP would be to have more events that boost school spirit in order to create a more tight knit community. I would also like to promote the lesser-known events at Washington more to give people more opportunities to get involved in their school events and activities. I have 2 years of experience in leadership since sophomore year. I am in the Outreach commission which deals with talking to a lot of people and organizing events which is something I will have to do as ASB VP. I helped organize the Stanford blood drives and paws for a cause over the last two years. This makes me fit for this role as the experience that I have learned from over the years will make me succeed as ASB VP. I have been in DECA for the last 3 years. I am an officer for the Red Cross Club, French Club, and WHS Cooking Club. I love listening to music and watching TV in my free time. My favorite artist is Playboi Carti and my favorite color is pink! I would be Hank because he seems like a pretty chill dude but also gets everyone hype at events like football games. My favorite part about being a Husky is participating in all of the activities at this school and getting to know all the amazing people. I love getting the chance to be a part of this community and would love the opportunity to contribute in my own way as ASB VP.

Sienna Gomez

I’m running for ASB VP because after being in leadership for 2 years and being in a position where I have seen what ASB leaders do, I think my skill set would allow me to do well in this position. You can see the impact that you as an individual can make on the Washington community. I mainly want to run because I want to apply the skills I’ve learned these past few years to make next year stand out. I hope to continue the spirited community at Washington through the job of ASB VP. I’ve been in leadership for 2 years in the Public Relations commission. That commission makes physical posters and digital fliers, and works closely with ASB Vice President to produce digital fliers for social media. This experience has given me insight on what ASB does and the specific qualities that ASB VP holds. I crochet and rock climb in my free time. I raised 200 dollars with my crochet business, and I donated $100 of my profit to my aunt’s cancer research project. I am also a part of the non-profit organization, Interact, where I have held several leadership positions. I am currently the Area 5 Director for District 5170 and do work on a local and international level. I don’t mind which mascot I am but I have a preference for Hannah, as I was her for one of the football games. However, I was shocked to learn that Hank and Hannah were siblings, not dating. My favorite part about being a husky is the amazing WHS spirit. Other FUSD schools always complain about various problems going on and as a husky there isn’t too much to complain about. The community here is really awesome and people are really nice. I have found many people that have guided me through life.

ASB Secretary Candidates

Hanan Mirghani

We were unable to interview Hanan.

Timothy Nguyen

I’ve dedicated my time to joining service clubs such as Key Club and Interact. Within these clubs, I was able to create a positive impact on neighboring communities around me and I felt that I could take my talents and expertise to Washington’s ASB. I want to provide my insight on networking involving many students who might seem unnoticed and help bring them into the spotlight within the school. In the many other leadership positions I hold, I’ve been able to lead, brainstorm, and work on my teamwork skills. I believe that these traits make me fit to be ASB secretary. A fun fact about me is that I am highly service-oriented. I love meeting new people and spending time creating service events that impact communities in need. I play badminton and I’ve played the piano since I was four. I also like listening to R&B. If I could be either Hank or Hannah, I would be both. Hank and Hannah are one. They both have the spirit of Washington and I feel that if I were either or if I were both, I would be able to bring spirit to the school. My favorite part about being a Husky is meeting the diverse population at our school. Compared to other schools, I believe that our school has the most open and diverse campus and offers opportunities to meet so many new people and hear so many new perspectives.

2025 Class President Candidates

Saadhana Rajesh

I originally had an interest in leadership back in 8th grade, and thought it was a really cool opportunity to join. Once I joined freshman year, I realized that school had a new purpose to it; it wasn’t all academics like how I thought it was, but it was more of building relationships among students. My goal has been to bring our class together through fun events and fundraisers, and have everyone be like a big, happy friend group. A change that I would like to make is rather than having only a select few students that are interested in it, I would like to involve everyone’ talents. I’ve been class president for the past three years, and in addition to that I’ve been a student body representative for the past 8 years. I personally feel like I have very strong communication, and am very approachable, and never have a problem talking to anybody. Some fun facts about me are that I really like to try out new baking and cooking recipes for my friends, and just hope that they don’t turn out bad, as they’re the first ones to try it. I would choose to be Hank if I could be one of the mascots, because throughout all of our promo videos, Hank is the first one to be a part of the activity. I also feel like Hank is super energetic. My favorite part about being a Husky is the sense of unity, which is a very big aspect of Washington. No one ever really feels like they’re alone at Washington, as there’s always someone at school you can turn to for help.

Tianah Lowery

I am running for class president because I want to make this school a more comfortable and inclusive environment for all. I have one year of experience in Leadership as well as being enrolled in multiple clubs. I am also the captain of both my club soccer team and high school team. Some fun facts about me are that I have a turtle named Sammy and my favorite genre of movies are thrillers. If I could be either Hank or Hannah, I would choose Hannah because I like her bows. My favorite part of being a Husky is being able to be a part of a great environment both within school hours and out. Also I like the values that Washington produces and the helpful staff.

2026 Class President Candidates

Kevin Hsieh

I’m running for class president because I’ve been running the last couple years and it feels natural. I have a lot of experience and I enjoy leadership. I think I have the organization skills required. A fun fact about me is that I played soccer for seven years. If I could be Hank or Hannah I would be Hank. My favorite part about Washington is the more involved community because I’m aware that other schools like Mission aren’t as tightly bonded like Washington.

Alex Barrera

I’m running for class president to become more spirited with my class and our school, and spirit week. Changes that I want to make are bringing our class together as a whole, with spirit. And I wanted to get everyone hyped up for prom, homecoming, spirit week, and battle of the classes. I want to bring everyone together as a whole. I think I would be a good fit for this position because I am very spirited and active in the community already. I do sports and I am already in leadership so I have some experience already. So I feel like I have an upper-hand in this and I could help. My hobbies revolve around swimming mainly. I work as a lifeguard and I play water polo here on Washington’s team. Fun fact, I actually have been Hank. I was Hank for the Homecoming Game this year, and then for a lot of the Tik Toks for Washington. My favorite thing about Washington is our school spirit. I think we are known for our Spirit Weeks and I like our community.

Jacob Carr

I am running because I want to. We have had the same 2 people over and over so I wanted to be a new face with a fresh perspective. I want to help make Washington better and nicer overall such as opening the bathrooms, making our campus look clean, and I use my platforms in clubs to discuss school related topics to hopefully improve Washington for the better. I’ve been an all A/B student and have balanced school and sports all year. I also believe my emotional intelligence, looking out for my fellow students and being there for those who need me helps my case as I am a very empathetic person who can relate to a lot of people. Some fun facts about me are that I play guitar, and am a part time worker at my mom’s crystal shop. I’m a big gamer and a massive metalhead and I enjoy writing and reading in my free time as well. I would be Hank as he seems more chill and relaxed compared to Hannah. My favorite part about being a Husky is the campus and I also enjoy our schedule with how the block schedule is set up. I also really enjoy our teachers, I feel heard by them and feel like we can have decent conversations about basically anything and I enjoy the connection and comfortability around them. Most of the students here are great as well, and I’ve had a good time developing bonds with my peers.

2026 Class Treasurer Candidates

Abby Truong

We were unable to interview Abby.

Johanna Laquian

Since I’m in leadership I've seen what the current officers do behind the scenes with skits and planning, and I’ve thought, “Oh that would be great!”. I feel I have enough creativity to put into skits and I really want to make our class more spirited. I just want to represent our class. I’m actually the treasurer for the FSU (Filipino student union), so I have a little bit of treasurer experience, and I'm in leadership, so that kind of gives me an advantage. Some fun facts about me are that I was born in the Philippines and moved here when I was about six, my favorite animal is a koala, and I'm a very very big mango enthusiast. I love mangos. I think I’d be Hannah if I could be Hank or Hannah, because it's kind of in my name like Johanna, Hannah and people also call me Hannah. I think my favorite part of being a Husky is just being spirited and representing the school. I feel like I'm really competitive, so going against other schools from the district I'm like ‘husky, husky strong’!

Sharon Lee

I’m running for treasurer because I can work with the people I respect and help serve the community that I will continue to grow in, it also gives me a better understanding of how I can support a community that I love. I am dedicated to helping plan and participate because commitment is one of the many important qualities that it takes to lead others. Changes I want to make are well-planned fundraising, making Spirit Week exciting for everyone, and having more student-led ideas implemented. I’m a responsible older sister, able to manage money and how funds work—experienced in organizing events and serving the community (fundraising, outreach). I can communicate and work well with everyone and am willing to dedicate my time and energy to my class. Some fun facts about me are that I can moonwalk, am the middle child, love to bake, and my favorite holiday is Christmas. If I could be Hank or Hannah, I would be Hank because I don’t know anyone named Hank. My favorite part about being a Husky is that we have a big/open campus with a diverse community.

2027 Class President Candidates

Jasdeesh Punia

We were unable to interview Jasdeesh.

Kylee Kelley

I'm running for class of 2027 president because I want to make my class participate more in school events and as such get my class to rise the ranks in spirit week competitions. I am a hard worker and I think I’d be a very good leader. Some fun facts is that I’ve done local lessons for like, 3 years, I’m in choir right now, and I do track and field. If I could be Hank or Hannah I would be Hannah because I think she has a fun personality! My favorite part about being a Husky is just that this is a great school. It's fun having all this spirit. During spirit week there's so much school spirit so I'm just really proud to be a part of it!

Rohit Pulle

I mostly want to run for class president because I like being part of the committee that gets to make events fun at school. And I want to help us improve at the sporting events we do as freshmen or as sophomores all next year. I want to do better next year as sophomores in the competitions than we did this year. So I was president in my freshman year this year, and I think I did pretty well. I also did ASB in Centerville. So I have a lot of experience doing leadership positions. A fun fact about me is that I like coding. That's like one of my favorite hobbies to do in my free time. If I could be hank or Hannah I would want to be Hannah just for the pompoms. I was the Hannah at the homecoming football game, and it was pretty fun. My favorite part about being a Husky is that It's a very big community and everyone's friends with each other, and it's great.

2027 Class VP Candidates

Allison Lau

I’m running because I really want to try something new, and am also really passionate about helping my class and just the school in general. I’m currently in leadership, so I have experience in that way. I’m also a part of the Youth Voter Movement and GenUp, so I have experience setting up events, and in GenUp we’re working to improve education. I also teach dance classes to younger children. I've been doing it for about two years now. Some fun facts about me are that I like to read, I’ve been dancing since I was 5, I’m currently doing competitive dance as well as swim, and I like to sleep too. I would probably be Hannah, because she just seems so cool, and I want to be cool like that. My favorite part about being a Husky is that everyone is really friendly and if you need help, people won’t hesitate to just come up and help you, and just in general it's just really fun being a part of this community.

Dhyan Narnapur

I’m running for class VP because I want to help the school with spirit week, and I want to help people understand what’s going in the school. I’m qualified because I was vice president last year, and I was the leader of a robotics team. Some fun facts about me are that I like to run, swim, I like badminton as well. I’ve been in varsity cross country. I’d wanna be Hannah instead of Hank because I’d like to mess around with my friends. My favorite part about being a Husky is getting people into school spirit, whenever we’re doing rallies or spirit week it’s always fun. I also like how we do events at this school all the time, and how there’s always someone to talk to at this school.

Lola Korlimarla

I chose to run for vice president to see what it would be like to be a student body representative. Some changes I would like to make are to help student concerns be more heard. My qualifications are a summer camp in 8th grade about leadership and helping the community be a better place. I also am in lacrosse and I am able to work well with others. Some fun facts about me are that I play multiple sports and love the adrenaline rush. I’m also an Indian movie fanatic and will watch them a lot. If I could be Hank or Hannah, I’d rather be Hannah as I would not like to be a man. The sports are my favorite part about being a Husky, as the coach and the team members make it so enjoyable and the environment is so fun!

Rishav Maji

I’m running because I can do a better job as VP. I can represent my class through better school skits and improving spirit week. I can give a voice for the students, and give more inputs on fundraisers, events, and activities. I was the class treasurer for this year. As treasurer I didn’t have much say. I’m also in speech and debate, so I have clear communication between the people. Some fun facts about me are that I’m a student athlete, I play soccer and tennis. I enjoy watching sports too. I would rather be Hank if I could be one of the mascots, because Hank from Breaking Bad is really cool. It’s really cool to have similar names as someone popular. My favorite part about being a Husky is our accomplishments. I appreciate the facilities, clubs, and our teams.

2027 Class Treasurer Candidates

Toshaan Thakker

I am interested in being treasurer because I think it's mainly my strong suit. I’m very good with numbers so I think I have what it takes to be a treasurer. I can persuade people very well and I think I'll bring good energy to the student body. Some fun facts about me are that I like playing video games and going outside. Just being outdoors is pretty fun. I'm also good at math. I think Washington is cool, it’s pretty big, kind of somewhat easy to get lost trying to find your classes. I think I'm a better candidate than all of the other people because I'm optimistic and I feel like i'm more determined.

Meharender Sandhu

The main change I want to make to Washington is to increase resources for underclassmen. I want to make a difference and leave an impact on this school. I’ve always been a leader so this is another step. We can raise more money for more textbooks and increase the quality of school events. I have a lot of leadership experience, as I am a director of GenUp, Deca, SHSS, and I’m very helpful to teachers. I also did Spanish tutoring afterschool. A fun fact about me is that I’m allergic to a lot of things; I can’t eat chocolate, cake, etc. I’m also really into cars like my dad was in India. He takes me to car shows and I have a huge hot wheels collection too. I would like to be Hank because for the homecoming game I was Hannah, and it was really fun. My friend was Hank and we got to take pictures with kids. Having a trustworthy community is the best part of Washington because you always have someone to rely on here.

Aanya Gautam

I'm running because I enjoy being a part of a bigger community, like Leadership. They do a lot for making school more enjoyable for students and that's something I'm interested in doing too! The changes I'd make would be improving both spirit days and the skit, and also hosting more class fundraisers. I worked as an intern for the role so I have experience with the work that comes with being a part of ASB. I'm a pretty committed person and I strive to do the best I can in everything I do. Some fun facts about me are that I really love to draw and I've recently gotten into origami. I'm currently learning how to play the electric guitar, and I especially like to play classical pieces on it. I'm also a martial artist and getting my black-belt soon. I'd choose to be Hannah, because I'd like to represent the girls at this school but personally I think they're both great symbols of school spirit and embody what Washington stands for really well. My favorite part about being a Husky is the community. Washington is a very welcoming place and I've found many friends and groups to be a part of.

Vivian Lee

I am running because I want to make a difference at this school. I want to be able to change people’s mindset about coming to school and for everyone to look forward to coming to school. I believe that everyone should enjoy school because we come here everyday and it would be amazing if people could learn that school is so much fun, and I could be the one helping run the fun things. I am in double accelerated math, which makes me fit for treasurer, which involves money and math. I also had experience with leadership in elementary school and I was part of merit club in middle school, where we basically organized small events for people to enjoy. Some fun facts about me are that I love tennis and I’ve been playing for 5 years. I also have a pretty big family, complete with 2 parents, 3 siblings, and one wild dog! When I’m free, I’m reading or drawing or hanging out with my family. I would rather be Hannah if I could be one of the mascots because I heard she has a fun personality and I try to be outgoing like her too! My favorite part about being a Husky is being part of the community. I like how diverse the school is and how interactive the community is because it builds a good atmosphere for kids to learn as well.

* All the positions not included in this post (ASB Treasurer, 2025 VP, 2025 Treasurer, etc.) have candidates that are running unopposed.

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