Welcome Back Washington Students!

The Fremont Student Journalist Coalition

By: Washington High School

All five FUSD high school newspapers have joined together to form the Fremont Student Journalist Coalition, and we are going to be covering the upcoming local FUSD Board, City Council, and the Mayoral elections together.

As part of this initiative, we are surveying community members including students, teachers, and parents about issues you’re interested in seeing your potential elected officials address.

Click on the link below to make your voice heard!

By: Jayanth Naga Sai Pasupulati

COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, has been plaguing the entire world for the past couple of months. From shutdowns to travel bans, most governments are taking serious measures to control the spread of the virus. Amidst the havoc, I had the pleasure to interview Dr. Seema Yasmin, Director of the Stanford Health Communication Initiative, and CNN Medical Analyst, on Wednesday, March 18 2020 to understand the current situation from an academic perspective. 

By: Ashley Tosh

On April 8th, 2020, Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race. “I wish I could give you better news,” he stated, “But I think you know the truth. That is that we are now some 300 delegates behind Vice President Biden, and the path toward victory is virtually impossible.” Now, Biden is the only Democratic candidate left running, making it extremely likely he will be the Democratic nominee. The next question is, who will he nominate for Vice President? 

Ashley Tosh
By: Cassandra De Guzman

Every person of color has probably heard someone telling them their skin is too dark to be appealing. Most of the time it’s from people we’re related to and that makes it even more hurtful. I heard comments from family members about the color of my skin from a very young age. It’s one of the first things you hear about yourself that has a negative connotation etched to it. It should not have been a shock that my siblings and I were dark, because growing up in the Philippines meant that you were exposed to the sun for almost the entire day. Family members kept telling us to stay inside more to refrain from getting darker. As I moved to America, the comments continued from relatives here, and I even heard some of my family friends talking about our appearance. 

By: Amal Afsal

These days, mobile games are filled with an excessive amount of ads. They annoy you every two minutes and when you try to click on the exit button they will actually take you to their page on the app store. It will definitely make you lose the mood for mobile games. 

By: Abigail Law

The shelter in place has allowed me to pursue many of the interests I never had the time for, like baking, gardening, drawing, and reading non-required books. Distance learning has been great so far. I enjoy having the extra freedom to make my own schedule for working on schoolwork. I still feel like I’m learning, and I don’t have to stress about tests or presentations or talking to people. 

By: Emma Warren

Washington is home to many young artists, ranging from singers and sculptors, to dancers and painters. One visual artist who has caught the attention of many is Marleen Anspach. Anspach’s interest in art and drawing began when she was very young, and she has loved the practice ever since. Being self-taught, she has learned many complicated styles and successfully implemented them in her beautiful works over the years. 

By: Patricio Torres

Amber Ngo has been part of the Husky Lacrosse team for two years. During this time, she has given it her all and has been outstanding in representing Washington High School. Although she has only been playing for a short time, she has shown dedication to the team and has helped by scoring many goals throughout the season. She has gone from having scored only one goal last year to over five goals this year within only five games. Amber is a very competitive and reliable athlete and has earned respect and trust from her teammates because of the way she makes commands on the field and encourages her teammates to do the best they can.

Husky Scoreboard

Sport Date Home Team Score Away Team Score
Baseball (Varsity) 2/29 WHS (2) Arroyo (3)
Baseball (Junior Varsity) 2/29 WHS (5) Arroyo (25)
Volleyball (Varsity) 2/27 WHS (3) San Leandro (0)
Volleyball (Varsity) 2/29 WHS (2) Aragon (0)
Volleyball (Junior Varsity) 2/24 WHS (2) Livermore (0)
Volleyball (Junior Varsity) 2/27 WHS (3) Capuchino (0)
Lacrosse (Varsity) 2/27 WHS (13) Stuart Hall (18)
Softball (Varsity) 2/20 WHS (3) Hayward (4)
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