The Lost Year: Parneet and Nina

Images provided by author.

Washington freshman Parneet Kaur found a way to spend time with her friends and family. She used to hang out with her friends outdoors. One day, she and her friends got Krispy Kreme donuts and had a little picnic in a park. Parneet stayed in touch with her family too. She talked to her uncle who lives in a different country very often. “Every week we would just call each other and check up on how we were doing,” says Parneet

Washington freshman Nina Rock was able to spend time with her friends as well. “I would hang out with my friends at the park because it’s outdoors,” she said. For a friend’s birthday, Nina put together a video of people wishing her a Happy Birthday. She also biked to her friend’s house with a mask to say happy birthday to her.

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