The Lost Year: Maya Poquiz

Washington sophomore Maya Poquiz decided to start cooking for themselves. Poquiz, who was a freshman during distance learning, had the best of both worlds. Poquiz, a vegetarian, decided to keep a generally healthy diet during quarantine by cooking the majority of the food that they ate. “Tofu, Donburi and a lot of smoothies. That’s pretty much all I made during the entire summer,” Poquiz said. They prepared items ranging from fried tofu dishes to tropical fruit smoothies with ube (a Filipino dessert made up of boiled purple yam). They also enjoyed making donburi, a filling Japanese rice dish consisting of fish and vegetables served together in a large bowl called a “don.” Poquiz described how their varied diet helped them stay healthy during quarantine.

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One dish that Poquiz particularly enjoyed was lumpia. Lumpia is a classic Filipino food, often eaten as a side dish. It is a delicious egg roll with different types of fillings, such as meat or vegetables. During quarantine, Poquiz described how they would roll lumpia with their family and spend quality time together. But although Poquiz cooked most of their food, they couldn’t help but order takeout from different restaurants as well. They are an avid lover of boba, and throughout quarantine, they ordered from different boba shops. Poquiz added that they participated in some food trends such as the whipped/dalgona coffee trend.

Image provided by Maya Poquiz

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