The Lost Year: Hanya, Fayha, Asees, and Sneha

During the pandemic, many Washington students found themselves with more time on their hands. As a result, many picked up new hobbies and interests to pass time.

Washington sophomore Hanya Hussain described how during quarantine, she felt like she was spending too much time indoors on her phone. Because of this, she picked up a new hobby of biking. It was a great way to spend time outdoors and get exercise. “There’s a park that’s really close to my house, so I started biking around there since it’s such a nice and quiet place,” Hanya explained. “I was really bored and biking around the park was a fun thing to do with my friends.”

Images provided by Hanya Hussain

Washington junior Fayha Kauser began making jewelry by hand, specifically focusing on rings. Fayha shared that “I got my inspiration from TikTok and social media, because I saw some small businesses creating jewelry from household
items.” Fayha enjoys wearing jewelry and was really bored, so she decided to create beaded rings from materials lying around her house. This was a fun way for Fayha to spend her time productively.

Images provided by Fayha Kauser

Freshman Asees Aulakh spent her free time during the pandemic making art. “I like sketching, drawing, shading, and everything in between,” she said. Asees has been drawing for around 5 years and even went to classes for some time, but she reignited her passion for it during quarantine. “I have been practicing and I’m getting there.” Asees likes having fun with her art. “I was trying to replicate what was around me,” she said. She likes drawing realistic things such as eyes and facial features. To Asees, drawing is a good way to cure boredom.

Images provided by Asees Aulakh

Sneha Kamboj, a freshman at Washington, began playing a new instrument. “I was getting really bored and I love music, so I picked up the guitar,” says Sneha. This is not Sneha’s first time playing an instrument. She has previously played other string instruments such as the sitar. “I have learned a few basic songs so far,” says Sneha. Since she has had previous musical experience, learning the guitar was not too difficult for her. Her passion for music continues to grow.

Image provided by Sneha Kamboj

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